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Refresh and try again. A Call to Resurgence Quotes Showing of These are the kinds of things the Bible says qualify a man to be a church leader. We do not expect people to get their sin in order before attending church any more than a hospital expects people to get healed before they show up.

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If we fail, Christianity will have a funeral rather than a future. The Bible says we Christians grieve, quench, and resist the Holy Spirit.

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However, more extensive research cited by John Dickerson in his book The Great Evangelical Recession indicates that the actual range is 7 and 8. All studies indicate that younger people are less likely to be evangelical. A gallup poll found that 6. I think Driscoll is positioned well to write this book. What is true for the rest of the nation as far as religion, issues, beliefs and world views has been true of the city he has ministered in for decades.

So, the stats, ideas on handling what those stats mean for church leaders, Driscoll has a ton of fresh ideas and great insights. To put a good spin on it, Driscoll then tried to put out an olive branch to MacArthur and invite him to his conference. Which came across to me as a passive aggressive way to cover things up and move on. Overall, this book is one every church leader should read.

The insights, stats, where the culture is at is something you should know and be aware of and think through how to lead in that culture.

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About My Book Speaking. How the Church Should Respond to The gospel cannot be shown; it must be spoken. Love, grace, mercy, justice and the like can be shown with works. In his introduction, Driscoll sums this up by saying that there are two primary groups that will listen to his book: those who agree with him on some level and those who are looking to cast stones. Driscoll presents his well-researched, well thought-out points in his patent off-the-cuff sarcastic style. Regardless of what side of each of these issues you fall on, the arguments presented are not easily waved away.

Driscoll sets up solid arguments with far-reaching, real-life examples coupled with scholarly proof. Feel free to dislike what he has to say; however, if listeners can set aside their pre-conceived notions and biases for a few hours they will find that Driscoll makes some very valid, if somewhat disturbing, observations about both the church and the direction of Christianity today.

He talks about what we believe and why we believe it. I have always found myself shying away from classification since I felt it might limit me or stymie my spiritual growth in some way. Additionally, it is difficult if not impossible to explain what you believe unless you know what beliefs are out there. With no basis of comparison, explanation is largely an exercise in futility.

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I have to admit that I was so impressed with this section that I went out and purchased a hardcover of his book Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe. I did this primarily because I wanted to hear even more information it greater detail. I have to admit that I also did this to slow him down. In listening to this section, it felt like the theological equivalent of putting instant milk into condensed soup and warming it up in a microwave.

If had gone through in any more quickly his flux capacitor would have engaged and he would have gone back in time! Airline passengers around the world grow green with envy at his professional alacrity as well speak. If only they could do physically what he does verbally, they could pack all the inventory of their local super Wal-Mart into a carry-on bag. It made me wonder in fact if they even know. As a pastor of an independent, non-denominational church, I find myself working in the midst of churches ranging from charismatics to fundamentalists.

It was useful to see how coming out of the same place, historically speaking, these churched ended up where they are. It was enlightening to see the predominate points that we all agree as well as the secondary points that we differ on. Not only was this engaging from an academic sense, but also it gave me some tools for crossing the imagined boundaries that exist between brothers and sisters within the faith community.

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Mike Chamberlain did a great job of narrating this book. He had a great sense of pacing, tone, and timing. I look forward to hearing more voice-work done by Chamberlain. Nicholson reviews academic, Christian living, and fiction books for a variety of publishers in an array of formats. He is never paid for any of his reviews.

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  7. He writes these strictly as a courtesy to his students at Desert bible Institute and for any other readers that might find his insights valuable. For more reviews or information, visit Dr. A copy of the book was generously offered to Dr. Nicholson by christianaudio. If you are a pastor or leader of a Christian Church - you should read this book.

    Driscoll has been the lead pastor of Mars Hill Church Seattle for approx 20 years, from planting the church in with a handful of people to now having 16, people in attendance in their multi-site campuses and millions of sermon and podcasts downloaded annually, as well as over church plants in the USA along and almost as many outside the US, he certainly seems to have the runs on the board and his experience alone makes him worth reading.

    Driscoll works from his experiences and observations of his home town Seattle which is a culture making hub for the US and then also most of the Western world, plus he combines his observations and conversations with dozens of other pastors and conferences around the world.

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    From this he talks about the past, present, and possible future of the way Christianity is presented to the world. He also helps us understand tribalism and what tribe we belong to, but goes to lengths to urge all the tribes to work together for the sake of the gospel and the advancing of the Kingdom of God, rather than fighting between ourselves over secondary issues. The book is written in Driscoll's typical no-holds barred style, it is raw and honest and not just about his own personal beliefs although he does tell what he believes. There is a lot of ground covered in this book.

    I will be going back and re-reading it over and over. I think you, like me will get a lot out of this. One criticism of this audio book version was that the MP3 files showed up on my mp3 device in alphabetical order because the file numbers were written rather than numbered e. I would also have liked to have heard the book narrated by the author.

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    A lot was lost in the voice inflections, emphasis and timings of what was said. I liked this book. Many will not. It will insult many. It will make you think. It's the proverbial "kind in the pants". First of all, here are my biases and what you should know about me as a reviewer.

    I like Driscoll. His preaching has had a huge, huge impact on my life. Is he right about everything? Neither am I or you. I hope his critics realize that Mark has accomplished a lot of amazing things. He's a passionate man who loves Jesus fiercely. Please consider the good about him before you tear apart the one thing you dislike about him.

    He's helped a lot of people. Lastly, I'm not the smartest person who will review this book. I write this review with the viewpoint of an ordinary layman. It's straightforward. In typical fashion, Driscoll doesn't beat around the bush.

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    You don't have to play mind games to figure out what he is really trying to say. It's raw, it's honest. As someone who is very in tune with his time, Mark presents a lot of insight into where Christianity is at today.