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Preview — Blood Ties by Richard Pitman. Joe McNally Goodreads Author. The plot is fresh and intriguing and will challenge mystery fans who enjoy piecing together the clues. Troubled jockey Eddie Malloy invests everything he has to become a partner in a small thoroughbred stud. One morning a blackmailer calls threatening to make public that Malloy's stud has an infertile stallion and is cheating breeders.

Malloy discovers that his partner in the stud, Martin Corish, has disappeared, leaving behind a pregnant young groom and a vengeful wife. Corish was Eddie's childhood hero, but Eddie only really gets to know Martin Corish when the chips are down and he faces threats and violence. Eddie's search for the blackmailer leads him through an ever-widening web of deceit, envy, murder and the discovery that his parents, long estranged from him, might be involved. Does he let the criminals go, or must he surrender a family secret that will kill his father?

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Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published January 16th first published April 18th More Details Eddie Malloy 3. Other Editions 6. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Blood Ties , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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Blood Ties: The Eddie Malloy Series, Book 3 (Unabridged)

More filters. Sort order. Aug 22, Gary Vassallo rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , read Another great Eddie Malloy mystery. In fact, I found this the best of the first three Eddie Malloy series. It also, thanks to the unique portrayal of Napoleon's hometown, would put its real-life setting, Preston, Idaho, on the map. Vote for Pedro! In addition to giving us the scene where Dr. Most importantly, he filled out the background of his movies with gruff yet lovable figures like ex-cop-turned-thespian Joseph Kosala and Chicago character actor Ron Dean. It's that touch that gives even a slick, propulsive thriller like The Fugitive a sense of lived-in authenticity.

Besides being about Indiana basketball, one of the topics people from Indiana simply can't get enough of, the movie also features career highlights from Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, and composer Jerry Goldsmith, who wrote the movie's classic score. Just listen to that music and try not to fight back a few tears. But this is an endorsement of every toe-tapping number in Meredith Willson's classic score, the dance scenes set across a run-of-the-mill town, Shirley Jones's Marian a librarian who finally gets the time of day , and barbershop quartet singing, an art that will and should never die.

Or does it? Let's get real. One-hundred percent of The Wizard of Oz takes place in Kansas, from the woes of farm life to the hallucinatory trip down the yellow brick road. It's abundantly clear when Dorothy, having "flown back" from Oz in the Wizard's balloon, tells her neighbors "you and you and you were there! But this classic still ends on an optimistic note: you can dream your way to wherever you damn well please.

For instance, we didn't think the scene in Kingsman in which Colin Firth murders a church full of zombified white supremacists represented life in KY. Kentucky , a laid-back horse-racing drama from the days of eye-popping Technicolor, does the trick. Picking up 75 years after the Civil War -- in which the state was nominally a neutral player, under Union protection despite being a slave state -- the movie stars Walter Brennan as Peter, a thoroughbred trainer who watched a Union soldier kill his father over horses; Loretta Young as the daughter of a wily old-timer; and Richard Greene as her love interest… who also happens to be a descendent of the Union soldier.

Can they work out their differences to win the Kentucky Derby? Of course! But it's fun watching the criss-crossed Romeo and Juliet affair anyway. A Streetcar Named Desire Louisiana -- New Orleans in particular -- offers a blend of cultures, history, language, and surreal swamp setting that make it a popular place to depict in film.

But the Tennessee Williams play that made its way from the stage to an Elia Kazan-directed film, bringing along three of its four Broadway stars, gets the nod for its timelessness, setting in the French Quarter, head-on approach to class conflict, and its introduction of Marlon Brando to a wide audience. Brad Bird The Incredibles tells the story of 9-year-old Hogarth Hughes and his Iron Giant with every trick in the animation playbook, clashing his towering steel hero against the reds and oranges of fall in Maine, youthful imagination against conservative agenda against the too-cool-for-school Beatniks, and the trust built between friends against a force as fickle as Cold War paranoia.

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While the movie's success saw a number of sequels, it's the original that remains one of the most influential horror films to this day -- and perhaps a pox on its backdrop, Burkittsville. But all those blood-stained capers can't hold a grubby candle to The Friends of Eddie Coyle , a Peter Yates-directed look at Massachusetts low-lifes.

Based on a book by prolific novelist George V. Higgins, the story centers around Eddie "Fingers" Coyle, a mumbling gun-runner played by screen legend Robert Mitchum, and the various goons he gets mixed up with. It may lack the shootouts and body count of more recent action movies, but The Friends of Eddie Coyle is peerless when it comes to evoking a sense of place.

And, yes, it's better than Good Will Hunting. Like the director's farcical shoot-em-up Starship Troopers , RoboCop is a movie that both feeds and skewers America's militarized thirst for blood. When Detroit beat cop Alex Murphy Peter Weller is murdered on the job, he's brought back as the titular cyborg by Omni Consumer Products, a tech company looking to make big bucks by moving into law enforcement.

The Coen brothers classic holds up more than 20 years after its release: Its characters are still painfully funny, relatable, cringeworthy, and, in at least one case, admirable.

It's no surprise this crime dramedy earned its writer-directors their first screenplay Oscar -- cementing them in Hollywood as a creative force to reckon with -- and star Frances McDormand her first acting Oscar. Even though the movie's protagonist does have a killer catchphrase. You think of a texture: sweat. This Mississippi-set crime story starring Sidney Poitier as out-of-town detective Virgil Tibbs and Rod Steiger as racist police chief Gillespie is one swampy movie, a thriller that's more likely to give you pit-stains than chill you to the bone.

In the Heat of the Night keeps you grounded in the granular details. Meet Me in St. Louis , director Vincente Minnelli's breathtaking musical about a family in the 20th century. Judy Garland plays Esther, the second-oldest daughter in the Smith family, and her renditions of songs like "The Trolley Song" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" are enough to make this essential viewing.

But the mix of homespun values and unvarnished eccentricities -- the Halloween section of this movie is wild -- make it a uniquely Missouri experience. It may not have picked up as many Oscars as his more serious epic, but Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is way more fun. In addition to two laid-back, charming performances from its young stars, the movie also boasts stunning footage of Montana, which Cimino bathes in a golden glow.

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A River Runs Through It might be the more famous Montana movie, but robbing banks is a lot more entertaining than fly-fishing. He even made a movie called Nebraska , which mostly takes place elsewhere. Election , his brutally funny high school political satire from , is still the best. Working from Tom Perrotta's acerbic novel, Payne and his frequent co-writer Jim Taylor craft the perfect showdown between Reese Witherspoon's overachieving honor student Tracy Flick and Matthew Broderick's string-pulling teacher.

As the seemingly low-stakes student council race gets closer and closer, everyone involved is forced to ask those always pertinent moral questions: How far will I go to win, and what's the point of winning if you lose your sense of self? As much as Payne clearly loves his home state, he's never willing to let his characters off the hook. Thompson, underwater-beer-drinking Nicolas Cage , and actual Nevadans who wish the state had a cinematic legacy beyond Las Vegas , there's no denying the smooth, win-big-and-slide-out treachery of George Clooney's Danny Ocean and his band of merry henchmen.

Director Steven Soderbergh conjures the dream visit to America's gambling capital, where anyone with the right skill surveillance, mechanical engineering, acrobatics With a sick soundtrack, peppery one-liners, and enough glitz to last a lifetime, Ocean's Eleven is an ode to cool. What About Bob? New Hampshire's lush forests and pristine lakes serve as an ideal counterweight to the self-obsessed, therapy-addicted New Yorkers satirized relentlessly throughout the movie.