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The most radical theory of all is that God planned it all along.

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After all, why would He give the Grigori the ability to breed with humans if they weren't supposed to do just that? To this day, the Children of the Grigori are a potent, untapped force for good on Earth, one that some believe will be key to mankind's salvation during Armageddon. There are even theories that all humans with above-average potential -- all those with more than 5 Forces, meaning all Soldiers, sorcerers, and other "special" humans -- have some Grigori blood in them, and thus that the Watchers were God's way of seeding a little bit of divinity among mankind.

Ethereal damage inflicted on ethereals or celestials, however, does not create any disturbance, even to the Grigori.

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As with corporeal and ethereal damage, celestial damage inflicted on an ethereal or celestial generates no disturbance. Use of Will-based Resonance Against a Human: 2 Any time a celestial successfully uses a Will-based resonance against a human -- this includes possession by Kyriotates, and invoking of Geases by Lilim -- it creates a disturbance of 2.

Human Resistance of a Will-based Resonance: 1 When a human successfully resists a Will-based resonance, it generates a 1-point disturbance.


Emotional Trauma: 1 Whenever a celestial causes a human emotional trauma -- whether it's a Calabite intimidating someone, or a Balseraph whose lies have broken a mortal's heart, or just a baby crying because of a Malakite's harsh tone -- it creates a disturbance of 1, perceptible to the sensitive ears of the Grigori. These demons haunted deserts and Semitic tribes offered sacrifices to them. The others were instructed by God to commit acts of violence as well.

They will remain there until the day of judgment, when they are cast into the fire. The giants, or Nephilim, caused the production of evil spirits—most likely the spirits of the giants themselves. The spirits are not corporeal or material, but devote themselves to tormenting mankind because they have proceeded from them. Watchers are punished both before and on the day of judgment.

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First, it was a defilement of the essence of the angels to marry and engage in sexual acts with human women. Second, these unions between the angels and mortal women were considered evil, themselves. Finally, the angels sinned because they taught humanity and revealing the secrets of the natural universe which God did not intend for man to know. It also shuns knowledge of mystics, arts and sciences. Of course, these passages delve deeper into a mythology than we are used to having in the Bible.

And when did they leave? We have theorized that the Nephilim could be what we think of as aliens. They might have left, and found a new home, such as another planet.

The Fallen Angels Instruct Humanity

Their spirits could still be here, since they are labeled as evil and will remain as they are until the day of judgment. What about the watchers? Did they bind them all? Or are they still here?

Could this explain the mysteries of the megaliths? Jessica Wettig has been on the internet radar since she was 12 years old and published a poem she wrote about losing someone in a drunk driving accident. From there, she continued to write, build websites, create inspirational emails, self-publish her writing and photos all for the purpose of reaching people and being a part of this thing called the world wide web.

Jessica is a journalist now, with experience of many kinds in newspapers and blogs, from news, opinion pieces, spiritual pieces, poetry, short stories, arts and entertainment and much more. View all posts by Jessica. This seems to validate the legends in the Americas of tall, white-skinned strangers who came to teach them of agriculture, arts, and sciences.

Again we are finding worldwide phenomena from the mythic period of prehistory. Like Like.

The Watchers of Satanail: The Fallen Angels Traditions in 2 Enoch

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