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The Greatest Commandment: The Very Heart of the Matter

Cancel Save. Print Twitter Facebook Email. Click the button below to continue. Close this window. Learn more today! In this way, our success is defined as being ones who are loved and chosen by God and who love God in return; this determines our personal worth. We are anchored in the truth of the Word as the basis of our success and worth rather than in our accomplishments, recognition, or possessions. You can love Him with all your mind. Our mind is the doorway to our inner man. It greatly affects our capacity to love.

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Much of our life occurs in our mind. When we fill our mind with Scripture and thoughts that inspire love for God, our capacity to love Jesus increases.

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If we fill our mind with wrong things, our capacity to love Jesus diminishes. You can love Him with all your strength. We are to love God with our natural resources time, money, energy, talents, words, and influence. We express our love for God in the way we use our resources to help others, instead of using them primarily to increase our personal comfort and honor. It is in this place of loving God through obedience to His Word, by the power of the Spirit, that we come into the reality of living the first commandment. As we obey, we cultivate passion for our King and encounter His love for us again.

Rewards for Obedience 1You shall love the Lord your God, therefore, and keep his charge, his decrees, his ordinances, and his commandments always.

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me: Why the First Commandment Is Foundational for Morality

Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. Site HarperCollins Dictionary. Passages Home Love Commandments in the Bible. Add this:. Ask a Scholar.

Jesus Jesus is presented in the Gospels as a person of extraordinary significance for faith, religion, and history. Love Passage 1 Cor 13 In 1 Corinthians 13 Paul describes love that begins when one treats someone else's need as more important than one's own.

Love Your Neighbor Lev In its original context, Leviticus meant that you should treat your fellow Israelite properly, but it is part of a larger legal collection that also commands love of the stranger. Sexual Harassment in the Book of Ruth Though sexual harassment in the workplace sounds like a contemporary phenomenon, the book of Ruth describes a dramatic example of it. HarperCollins Dictionary Abraham.

The Greatest Commandment: The Very Heart of the Matter

Jesus Christ. Related Publications Journal for Preachers 34, no. Gods or goddesses; powerful supernatural figures worshipped by humans. Deut 5You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. Lev 18You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against any of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.

Lev 9When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not reap to the very edges of your field, or gather the gleanings of your harvest.