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Then they mark all nests with wood stakes and yellow tape, so you will likely see many of these on your long walks on Cape San Blas. After a day of making sand castles and digging holes on the beach, fill them in and knock down the sand sculptures before going in!

Use turtle safe flashlights on the beach at night! Sheild interior lighting and turn off exterior lights at night.

Email the St. Joseph Peninsula Turtle Patrol at sjpturtlepatrol gmail.

During hatching season, the nests are checked daily for signs of hatching. Cape Escape Uncategorized April 5, Sea Turtles and their hatchlings are very vulnerable when they are on the beach.

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Lavender says that one of the more engaging sessions of the conference will take place on campus on Monday, Feb. Pfaller will talk about the impacts of global climate change on sea turtles. He is monitoring that population to understand how human activities, including conservation actions, might impact that particular population. Ron Menchaca Executive Director, Communications Amanda Kerr Director, Communications Erin Perkins Director, Social Media Related Posts.

College of Charleston Magazine. Naval Officer is Fully Committed.

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From Sand to Surf: Saving the Sea Turtle