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Matters of aesthetics and style, then, are inextricable from the sociopolitical contexts that ground and shape them. Rather, art cinema should be seen as a complex series of responses to, and at times a contestation of, the industrial, economic, cultural, and historical forces of its times and places. The role that art cinema has played in this regard, both inside and outside of omnibus production, remains to be explored.

Somerset Maugham for Great Britain; O. Pierre Leprohon sought to shore up this doubt at an early stage: Eroticism is a dominant feature of the modern cinema. Antonioni and Fellini, and many others, have included in their works scenes of greater eroticism than the laborious exhibitionism and smut with which some directors waste their time and talents. Remapping art cinema among a network of shifting international interchanges—markets, audiences, industry and community standards—may serve to dismantle once and for all the oppositions that have circumscribed understanding of not only its historical importance but also its aesthetics and content.

Both may be traced through previous decades, of course, particularly the s. But the surge in omnibus production in the s and s bears even more concerted analysis. The sheer volume of erotica and horror in this period, often in series, reveals both a particular market need and a generic meeting ground that spans taste cultures through explicitly hybrid forms. For it is the consideration of formats and venues of audiovisual consumption in concert that I would propose as a third-alternative historiography for these exquisite corpses.

But what happened to art cinema after Exquisite Corpses that, why, and in what forms does it circulate today, literally and conceptually? The answers to these questions are complex, and I certainly do not have all of them. I do know that the answers need to encompass the roles that media technologies have played alongside geopolitical, aesthetic, cultural, industrial, and institutional forces. As well, the episodes need not be ordered in an integral and contiguous fashion—with each episode presented complete in and unto itself, one at a time—although this is usually the case.

But television cannot be held solely to blame for the waning of European art cinema, although it inadvertently played a contributing role. Susan Hayward indicates how the decline in co-productions, coming as it did in the mid s, had little to do with deliberate strategy. The two countries had a reciprocal arrangement. By the mid s both France and Italy, but particularly Italy, were feeling the full impact of a declining audience seduced away from the large screen by its smaller rival, television. But the rise of television in this regard is not an entirely debilitating force for either.

Typical are not the national character, but the cultural mode of production, not the antagonism with Hollywood or the Romantic legacy of high art, but the Film Funding System and the Television Framework Agreement. In , the U. The irony is that Ways of Love enabled the eventual establishment of the U. Appendix Omnibus Filmography Film titles are listed chronologically by date and within each year alphabetically by original-language title where available.

Contributing directors are in alphabetical rather than sequential order. James Cruze, H. Sidney M. Jacques Becker, Jacques B. Evgeni Cherviakov, Victor Eisimont, V. Mikhail Slutsky, etc. Leonid Lukov, N. Vladimir Braun, N. Roman Karmen, N. Komarevtsev, Valeri Solovtsov, Y. Hans Richter; d. Toad [USA] d. Alexander Ivanovsky, Herbert Rappaport O. Cesare Zavattini; d. Alfredo B. Crevenna, Rogelio A. Thorold Dickinson; d. Sarma Las canciones unidas [Mexico] d. Yuzo Kawashima, Mikio Naruse Attenzione: guerra!

Exploring Transdisciplinarity in Art and Sciences | SpringerLink

Curt Siodmak, Herbert L. Greczicho, A. Jastrebow, V. See Variety 14 August , 6. Lamberto V. Fritz Maeder, Fredi M. Avellana, Gerry de Leon, Cirio H. Simonelli Basta che non si sappia in giro! Lech J. Helke Sander; d. Wagner Appendix Juke Box [Italy] d. Meredyth Lucas, Ettore Scola, J. Ishmael Bernal, Emmanuel H. Alan J. Tim Ritter, Joel D. Weiss Felix [West Germany] d. Zueinander unterwegs nach Newcastle und Rostock. Watakushi oktte masu [ Japan] d. Suissa Sposi [Italy] d. Ken Wheat, Jim Wheat Bakayaro! George Bonilla, J. Johnson Jr.

Dario Argento, George A. Romero Five Feminist Minutes [Canada] d. What Next? Rita Klus, Kevin J. Michael J. Steven E. Kevin J. George Felner, John C. George Camarda, P. Nina F. John D. Richard Di Lello, David C. Stephen E. Ron Ford, Kevin J. Joseph F. Parda, Terry R. Andre Braugher, Louis Gossett Jr.

Lance W. Joe Bagnardi, Bruce G. Seventh Twelfth Collective; d. Phillip J. Williams, Lloyd M. Augustine Arredondo, Kevin J. Andy Kumpon, Kevin J. Diego M. Bo Buckley, C. Laura Giglio, Steven A. Anlat Instanbul [Istanbul Tales] [Turkey] d. James M. Uro Q. The Movie [USA] d. Sean S.

Recovering European Art Cinema 1. Jonathan Rosenbaum and Adrian Martin, eds. Pierre Leprohon, trans. Jim Hillier Cambridge, Mass. This economy is by no means limited to the interpretive spectatorship and criticism of the s but continues to this day. Notes to Chapter 1 Bordwell expanded his formal analysis of art cinema as a distinct mode of narration in Narration in the Fiction Film Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, , — Other analyses of art cinema audiences and exhibition in the United States include Ronald J.

Faber, Thomas C. Bruce A. Austin Norwood, N. For an overview of this account, peppered with frequent interview statements by the directors involved, see Peter Cowie, Revolution! Lisa Nesselson New York: Twayne, , — For accounts of this development in American cinema, see Robert B. Jon Lewis Durham, N. Beginning in Hillier Cambridge, Mass. Translations of key Cahiers articles from this period are collected in Nick Browne, ed. Naomi Greene Detroit, Mich. London and New York: Routledge, , Susan Hayward, French National Cinema, 2nd ed. Keith M. Bordwell, Narration in the Fiction Film, Rodowick, The Crisis of Political Modernism, 1—7.

It is also quite pointedly evident in a skirmish held in the pages of Screen in —70 when Alan Lovell attacked Robin Wood with the stick of auteur-structuralism. Nicholas Hewitt London: Macmillan, , Ernest Mandel, Late Capitalism, trans. Rapport sur le savoir Paris: Editions de Minuit, , trans. Hayward, French National Cinema, See Judt, Postwar, — Rick Altman [New York: Routledge, ], Hal Foster Seattle, Wash.

Houston, The Contemporary Cinema, — The Name above the Subtitle 1. In Bruce A. The contract was signed in May Catherine Temerson New York: Knopf, , New York: McGraw-Hill, , See also Joseph M. Mountain View, Calif. Toronto: Prentice Hall, , David Overbey Hamden, Conn. Philip T. London and New York: Routledge, , 11, The other is Bergfelder, International Adventures. Thomas H. Altman New York: Routledge, , — Hardt, From Caligari to California, 84— David W.

Notes to Chapter 2 This is a brief summary of a detailed argument. On runaway productions, see Greg Elmer and Mike Gasher, eds. Guback, The International Film Industry, — Tino Balio, rev. These and other popular European genres have also more generally received increasing scholarly attention since the early s; see, for example, the articles in Richard Dyer and Ginette Vincendeau, eds. Richard Neupert [London: Blackwell Publishing, ], See, for example, Hayward, French National Cinema, 26— Lev, The Euro-American Cinema, 15— Finney, The State of European Cinema, 5.

Finney, The State of European Cinema, 21, 27; see also 30— Finney traces the idea of eliminating bilateral treaties in favor of a pan-European treaty back to , but such proposals were being put forward more than a decade earlier. Duncan Petrie, ed. The reader is encouraged to see Guback, The International Film Industry, — 97, for a much more detailed econoindustrial analysis of European coproduction trends through the s and s than is provided here.

Colin Crisp is an exception in this regard. Tauris, , 79— But, most of the time, greater commercial appeal was the spur, and companies decide to shoot commercial products likely to interest cosmopolitan audiences. On remakes generally, see Andrew Horton and Stuart Y. McDougal, eds. Koos, eds. Dries, Dubbing and Subtitling, John King, Ana M.

The matter is less clear-cut than this for The Leopard than it is for Michel Chion, The Voice in Cinema, ed. Thomas L. Dries, Dubbing and Subtitling, 27— The literature on subtitling and dubbing makes for fascinating reading, particularly the industrial analyses. I encourage the reader to seek out the following: Herman G.

Larry P. Notes to Chapter 3 Wandering Women 1. Richard Dyer, White London: Routledge, , On Italian colonialism see Robert L. Oxford, UK: Clarendon Press, , —37, —60, — Charles Warren Hanover, N. London and New York: Routledge, , 32— The quoted phrase is from Larkin, France since the Popular Front, Richard Neupert London: Blackwell Publishing, , 83— Dine, Images of the Algerian War, — Dine, Images of the Algerian War, Nicholas Hewitt New York: St.

Zygmunt G. See Richard F. Ross, Fast Cars, Clean Bodies, Opposite her is a helpless victim—a young man old enough to have been mobilized in ,. Alex Hughes and James S. Williams Oxford, UK: Berg, , — See also Landy, Italian Film, — Mary P. As quoted in Georges Sadoul, Dictionary of Films, trans.

Edgar Morin, The Stars, trans. Larkin, France since the Popular Front, 55, 58, Bardot came to embody a certain unproblematic image of France at this time of decolonization. Baudelaire was a persistent proponent of the notion of the modern self and the modern environment in the nineteenth century.

His statements on the matter are collected in his book The Painter of Modern Life, trans. Siegfried Kracauer wrote some formative pieces on cinema, mass culture, and modernity for the daily newspaper Die Frankfurter Zeitung between and Several of these pieces were edited by Kracauer himself in under the title Das Ornament der Masse, translated and edited by Thomas Y. Leo Charney and Vanessa R.

Linda Williams New Brunswick, N. Gleber, The Art of Taking a Walk, In Paris before a military tribunal, Commander Robin, a rebel in the Algerian uprising, was sentenced to six years in prison. He invites the two to watch from the booth a comic short he has just threaded up to run. A dejected Godard removes his glasses to wipe his tears, then sees in the other direction the real, white Anna in a similar situation on the other bank but with not nearly as dire consequences.

Throughout the s, Rossellini was frequently interviewed and extolled in the pages of Cahiers. Jim Hillier [Cambridge, Mass. MacCabe et al. As I argue in chapter 4, the privileging of the feature over the short in auteurist-led criticism is ubiquitous. Silverman, in conversation with Farocki, Speaking about Godard, Haskell, From Reverence to Rape, — He tells his interrogators what they want to know and starts searching for Marianne, ending up in a run-down movie theater screening newsreels of American atrocities in Vietnam. Such a reading generalizes the conditions of character in a way that I am resisting in this chapter.

New York: Praeger, , See Frank P. For a brief reading of the scene that places it within the context of colonialism, see Brunette, The Films of Michelangelo Antonioni, 84— The continuities of these categories extend from the Risorgimento to the present. See Paul M.

Sniderman et Notes to Chapter 3 al. Did you see that? Sitney, Vital Crises in Italian Cinema, Brunette notes that Antonioni actually worked on the construction of EUR when he would have been in his late twenties The Films of Michelangelo Antonioni, 15, Although it is beyond the scope of this book, an examination of the discourses of popular European cinemas during the economic miracle and beyond in relation to modernization and colonialism dovetails in interesting ways with my arguments about gender and art cinema. The period of the peplum is.

While the connections between postwar modernity, decolonization, inter- and intranational migration, nation building, and popular and art cinema are extremely complex, their examination is a necessary part of the kind of remapping of the discipline and its paradigms that I am calling for in this book. Exquisite Corpses 1. See also C. Thompson, ed. Michael Scriven et al. Herschel B.

Both David Bordwell and Robert B. Notes to Chapter 4 Robert B. Additionally, Surrealist visual practice has undergone considerable analysis concerning its imaging of the female body. It is in that spirit that I would like to situate the work in this chapter. Michelangelo Antonioni. The other episodes are Il lavoro The Job, d. Luchino Visconti , Renzo e Luciana d. Vittorio de Sica. Variety, 16 April , 6. Mark Jancovich et al.

See, for example, The Oxford Companion to Film, ed. New York: Penguin Reference, , 70, In addition, P. Pierre Leprohon, The Italian Cinema, trans. A partial exception in this regard is Nowell-Smith, The Oxford History of World Cinema, which, especially in its second and third sections, considers several international cinemas in relation to one another and not simply Hollywood—though Hollywood cinema is not deemed in this text a national cinema as are the others. French Westerns, pseudo-DeMille sex comedies, and King Kong Made in Japan are only the most striking symptoms of a much deeper commitment to the classical mode.

Horak Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, , 3— Erik S. Lunde and Douglas A. Jack C. Ellis, A History of Film, 6 eds. Cook, A History of Narrative Film, 4 eds. New York: McGrawHill, , Gradually, there are enough critical works about Great Films, their directors and their styles, to develop a canonical bibliography, enough to constitute reading lists from which to transmit a tradition. However, a fairly large cohort hold degrees in English or other language disciplines. Others hold degrees from the subdiscipline of American Studies. Bordwell, On the History of Film Style, 6—7.

Charles F. Bordwell, On the History of Film Style, 40—41, n. Richard J. Golsan Hanover, N. This tripartite periodization is not new. Periodization may thus rely on sliding historical criteria; technological and sociohistorical shifts are much more stable markers than stylistic ones. Donald F. Bouchard, trans. Bouchard and Sherry Simon Ithaca, N. Bordwell, On the History of Film Style, Bhabha, ed.

Several of these, alongside other important analyses of the nation in relation to cinema, appear in three collections: Cinema and Nation, ed. Alan Williams New Brunswick, N. The British Film Institute has also published complete histories of three national cinemas in the form of edited collections: The British Cinema Book, ed. Michael Temple and Michael Witt The Cinema of Italy, ed. Phil Powrie Princeton, N. The review describes This Is the Enemy as comprising eight episodes, including all of Album 2, one from Album 1 Three in a Shell-Hole , and two other episodes from other albums.

Leyda, Kino, Variety, 30 May , 6. Pam Cook, ed. London: British Film Institute, See also Jill Nelmes, ed. See Metz, Language and Cinema, trans. London and New York: Routledge, , — Since graduating with her MLS in , Baur has distinguished herself as a leader in SAA and a trailblazer in the international archives community.

In addition, Baur has shown phenomenal leadership in Latin American and international archival initiatives. Baur has engaged in extensive outreach and advocacy work with and on behalf of colleagues in Mexico and Ecuador and with indigenous communities in Ecuador. She has conducted talks, workshops, and training extensively both in the United States and throughout Latin America.

Alexandra M. She holds a master of fine arts in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and a bachelor of arts in English literature from the University of Toronto. She poses insightful questions. She has remained a strong advocate for the program as it evolved into the National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives and has served on its grant committee. After participating in ALI in , Gunn supported the idea of a stronger, long-term mentorship model for the program. Her commitment to and efforts on behalf of SAA are equally tireless.

She has played significant roles in chairing or co-chairing the Preservation Section, Awards Committee, and the Host Committee for the Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, as well as participating in numerous other committees. Gunn brings her energy and ideas to the Foundation Board, of which she has been a member since , to help it flourish. Gunn is one of six new Fellows named in There are currently Fellows of the Society of American Archivists. Christopher A. As an educator, author, and dedicated volunteer, he has been instrumental in helping archivists find solutions to provide access, to preserve, and support the long-term curation of digital collections.

At UNC, he spearheaded a curriculum that helped hundreds of information professionals gain skills needed to be digital curators and has created and taught numerous workshops, including the digital forensics workshop for the SAA Digital Archives Specialist curriculum. He edited the book I, Digital: Personal Collections in the Digital Era SAA, and has authored or co-authored six peer-reviewed articles, nine book chapters, 28 peer-reviewed conference papers, nine research reports, and given conference presentations.

His works have been cited more than times. Lee has also led a series of projects that have developed, disseminated, and supported free and open-source software, BitCurator, that archivists around the world are using to apply digital forensics methods for the curation of their collections. Lee is one of six new Fellows named in John H. Since assuming the position of city archivist in March , his indefatigable energy and successful advocacy efforts have propelled the Dallas Municipal Archives to be among the best models of municipal archives nationally.

He has been involved in virtually every effort to address the nearly intractable problem of local records preservation in the United States. Of special significance is his book, Managing Local Government Archives , co-authored with SAA Fellow Kaye Lanning Minchew, in which they share insights and a common sense approach to addressing issues prevalent among local governments. Slate is one of six new Fellows named in Pacifico has been a leader in working with archives in all areas of planning, programming, and the design of new or renovated archival facilities.

She presented papers at numerous conferences on collections environments, sustainable archives, accessibility in archives, and safeguarding archival records. Pacifico has done that repeatedly and in significant venues. Pacifico is one of six new Fellows named in A presenter at numerous conferences and instructor at workshops, Hackbart-Dean has also published widely. She has developed two successful SAA workshops. Russell Library. Hackbart-Dean is one of six new Fellows named in She began working in archives and special collections in a series of progressively more responsible positions in science and technology organizations at Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, before becoming the head of special collections at the University of California, San Francisco UCSF , director of the Digital Library Program at the University of California, San Diego, and then associate university librarian at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

In addition, the availability of tobacco industry documents online has influenced health policy on a national scale and resulted in public health statutes across the United States. Coker Award for innovative development in archival description in , Chandler helped transition the OAC from a grant-funded project to a stable and innovative international resource. She then assisted colleagues on similar projects to organize, acquire funding, and establish the Northwest Digital Archives and the Texas Archives and Records and Records Online.

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Chandler has held various leadership positions in both SAA and the Society of California Archivists SCA , where she has chaired or co-chaired a number of committees, roundtables, and task forces, as well as served as SCA president. Chandler is one of six new Fellows named in Several themes emerge from this research, including the affective impact of community archives on users and the difficulties of locating and accessing material on this ethnic group. The authors suggest that such community archives can counter the symbolic annihilation of marginalized groups, creating instead feelings of representational belonging.

In her academic and professional activities, Muchemwa is dedicated to ensuring that historically underrepresented communities are not only reflected in archives, but are the narrators of their stories. Traditional institutions have much to learn from such community archives, and I have been investigating what we can learn about radically imagining new structures for our archives that are more inclusive. As the historian of the Emory Black Student Union EBSU , Copeland created a presentation on the first African American students and faculty of Emory University, initiated the process to make available the records of student organizations, including the foundational documents of EBSU, and held open forums with students groups to ensure preservation of their records.

I am committed to developing outreach initiatives that will attract communities of color.

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EDGI is an international network of social and natural scientists, lawyers, and other information and environmental professionals who document and advocate for the vital importance of evidence-based environmental policy. She has also helped to establish a working Archives Committee to provide CHSSC with a professional support network, basic archival training, and assistance in sustainably stewarding its collections. Her passion for the archival profession is fueled by the desire for members of historically marginalized communities to see themselves reflected in the archives and for greater engagement among international and cross-cultural colleagues.

She is an active member of the Los Angeles Archivist Collective Diversity subcommittee and is developing a workshop series that will teach basic photographic preservation at a local library and facilitate a forum for community sharing. In addition to a strong academic record, Ponce has developed a commitment to actively engaging with diverse archival collections and communities. Her descriptive work on the June L. She has also participated in local outreach events with the Palos Verdes Library Local History Center, which inspired her to pursue a career in archives.

Two years later, I continue to be impressed by her commitment to understanding all facets of the profession. The Center for Home Movies is transforming public perception of amateur films through its outreach and advocacy work, especially its annual Home Movie Day. Waters Rising documents the heroic effort to rescue cultural heritage in the wake of the infamous flood in Florence, Italy, that inundated the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze and left one-third of its collections submerged.

In Waters Rising , his wife Sheila traces his formative experiences and philosophies while outlining methods and observations made during the disaster recovery. Waters himself. Wesley W. The award, created in , honors an archivist who has made a significant contribution to the field of religious archives. Wilson has developed a priceless resource for the DePauw community. The award, established in , recognizes superior writing achievements by students of archival studies, and entries are judged on innovation, scholarship, pertinence, and clarity of writing. Her paper reviews selected literature through an activist lens and presents three case studies in which varying degrees of activism on the part of archivists contributed to or detracted from the success of that reparations campaign.

She argues that archivists should be and can be the link between activists and evidence, and that through activism archives can make their greatest impact. This work is representative of how some students are making sense of and viewing their roles as future archivists, particularly during times of great political upheaval. Philip C. In Building Trustworthy Digital Repositories , Bantin offers a comprehensive look at the state of long-term preservation of and access to digital records.

With contributions from 41 international archivists, educators, and practitioners, Bantin introduces theoretical concepts followed by examples of implementation and practical guidance for application for all phases of the digital preservation lifecycle. This publication, pertinent to the entire profession, meets the needs of different archivists—from established archives practitioners and educators to students and new professionals. Her numerous scholarly publications and presentations are emblematic of her determination to document overlooked individuals and include Where are all the Librarians of Color?

As an elected member of the Council, as liaison to the Publications Board, as chair of the Archivists and Archives of Color Roundtable, and as newsletter editor of the Oral History Section, Hankins has provided a gentle and steadfast voice of tolerance for different social and cultural points of view. Her nominators uniformly stated that anyone who has been fortunate enough to work with her knows that she brings an expansive life experience to national and international discussions relating to the preservation and documentation of the unsung stories of overlooked cultural communities.

Herbert J. At the University of South Carolina, Hartsook has created a model repository for congressional and other collections documenting modern government, politics and society. Over one hundred and twenty collections include the papers of members of Congress, governors, leaders in the state legislature, and organizations including the Democratic and Republican state parties and the League of Women Voters. He has also contributed to the archival literature.

In his quiet and unassuming manner, he leads us to think deeply, analyze more rigorously, understand more perceptively, and question more astutely. Hyry, who joined Harvard University in , has distinguished himself as an inspirational leader. Hyry is active professionally, speaking at conferences and publishing widely. In he was invited to deliver a homecoming address on "Diverging Trends in Archives and Research Libraries" at his alma mater, the University of Michigan School of Information, where he earned a master of information and library studies with a concentration in archives and records management in He earned a BA in history from Carleton College in In he was selected to be in the first cohort of the Archives Leadership Institute.

While serving on the SAA Council, Hyry helped establish the Mosaic Scholarship, which provides financial and mentoring support to minority students pursuing graduate education in archival science, and shepherded the revision of the Code of Ethics for Archivists. Hyry is one of five new Fellows named in Teague is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Kentucky and holds a master of arts in public administration from the University of Virginia.

She joined the staff of the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives KDLA as a field archivist in and for the next 32 years indefatigably served the Archives and Records Management Division and the Commonwealth of Kentucky in a series of management positions, before being named Kentucky State Archivist and Records Administrator in and leading in that capacity until Clark Archives Month Award. Her commitment to professional activities across her career is equally tireless. She is a past president of the Council of State Archivists, where she helped oversee two major multi-year programmatic initiatives: the FEMA-funded Intergovernmental Preparedness for Essential Records project and the inauguration of the State Electronic Records Initiative, which has now entered its fifth year of working to improve electronic records and digital preservation in state archives.

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Teague is one of five new Fellows named in She has served as an ambassador of Hawaiian and Pacific archives, bringing little-known collections to the forefront through her research and presentations. She has written extensively on Hawaiian cultural resources and is a strong advocate for cultural competencies in the archival profession. Wong Smith has generously shared her time and expertise throughout her career, providing free workshops to help promote the care of family papers and being a constant advocate for archives. She has been active on the national level, too, serving SAA in a variety of leadership capacities, including on the Council, the Committee on Education, and the Nominating Committee.

She is a member of the Academy of Certified Archivists. Established in , the award recognizes archivists, repositories, or organizations that show creativity in approaching professional challenges or the ability to think outside the professional norm or that have an extraordinary impact on a community through archives programs and outreach. Prior to the work of the Integrated Database Project, the Oriental Institute faced challenges with the matter of information sharing about its collections, both internally and externally.

The development of the Integrated Database, led by Dr. Scalf, brings together scholars, researchers, and internal and external staff and allows them unprecedented access to collections. Under Dr. Scalf and his team work tirelessly to maintain [the database] as a dynamic tool that is not only valuable for researchers and staff. The Business Archives Section is being honored for its long commitment to supporting and advocating for business archives.

Since , the section has promoted the interests of business archivists and others concerned with the preservation and use of business records, and to encourage the establishment and growth of business archives in both profit-making and non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada. The Business Archives Section has been a model of robust engagement by its members and has created a number of tools to enhance advocacy and outreach, including the Business Archives Advocacy Toolkit and the Directory of Corporate Archives.

The Oral History Section is being honored for actively engaging its members in a rich variety of activities related to oral history interviews and methodology. For nearly a half-century, the Oral History Section has provided fertile ground for discourse and development in the archival profession and contributed to the intellectual life of SAA.

William J. Across his lengthy and outstanding career, Maher has provided significant and continuous leadership to SAA, including serving as its 53rd president in —, authoring the seminal text The Management of College and University Archives , and being an active member of the Intellectual Property Working Group since its inception in Through drafting presentations, attending numerous meetings and strategy sessions with non-governmental organizations, and putting in countless hours of travel, Maher has advocated to allow archivists to share rare and vital resources across international borders—without the concern of violating a patchwork of national laws—and thereby to increase access to important information.

Created in , the award recognizes an archives institution, education program, nonprofit organization, or government organization that has given outstanding service to its public and has made an exemplary contribution to the archives profession. For 49 years, GAI has provided an intensive training course in the practical and theoretical foundation for archival enterprise, enabling archivists from thirty-six states and nine countries to understand and implement best practices in the management of archives.

Established in , the award recognizes an individual, group, or institution for outstanding contributions in advancing diversity within the archives profession, SAA, or the archival record. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida. The webinar series provides a collaborative space for archivists of the Latin American and Caribbean diaspora to share their projects and experiences, facilitating an open exchange of ideas among professionals throughout the Americas. The series, in collaboration with the Digital Library of the Caribbean and the Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries, has provided an exemplary model of cooperative outreach.

Now an archivist and assistant professor at Boise State University, Meregaglia will share his experience of navigating graduate school and finding a job with his peers in the Students and New Archives Professionals Roundtable during the conference. Established in , the award celebrates and encourages early career archivists who have completed archival work of broad merit, demonstrated significant promise of leadership, performed commendable service to the archives profession, or have accomplished a combination of these requirements.

At SIU, Gorzalski has been dedicated to raising awareness of archives and the use of historic records in classroom instruction, teaching critical skills through hands-on digitization exercises. His research, writings, and presentations on better descriptive practices have been published in The American Archivist , Archival Issues , and Journal of Archival Organization. In , Gorzalski received the David B. He represents the best of an archivist—always finding ways to increase awareness and use of our collections.

Gerald Ham and Elsie Ham Scholarship. In addition to her strong academic record, Madison impressed the Awards Committee with her excellent writing skills. In their article, Duff and Haskell explore a more radical approach to user engagement by drawing on the concept of the rhizome, an open, nonhierarchical, and acentric system. Born-digital records and social media have created an archival universe that no longer follows traditional hierarchical approaches to description and has altered the world of access.

Citing examples of collaborative projects and techniques, Duff and Haskell encourage a reworking of the traditional model and raise important questions regarding the implications of such projects and the need for professional guidelines for dealing with ethical issues and privacy. Pinkett Minority Student Award. Established in , the award recognizes minority graduate students of African, Asian, Latino, or Native American descent who, through scholastic achievement, manifest an interest in becoming professional archivists and active members of SAA.

She also works as a library research para-professional at the Joseph F. As a student, Hwang has focused on making minority narratives more accessible to the public through linked open data and through her work with community archives. Franklin Jameson Archival Advocacy Award. Established in , the award honors an individual, institution, or organization that promotes greater public awareness, appreciation, or support of archival activities or programs.

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In addition to a strong academic record, Zavala has demonstrated a commitment to engage with community-based archives. Zavala joined the Ralph Bunche Youth Leadership Academy in high school, where he first worked with archives and was exposed to the positive history of the community in which he grew up. He also conducted interviews at the Southern California Library to examine the role the library played in promoting community access, representation and empowerment. His current research at UCLA is centered on how community archives provide a platform for disenfranchised and marginalized communities to tell their stories and see themselves represented in archives.

After all, this is the place that created me. First awarded in , the Mosaic Scholarship also provides recipients with a one-year membership in SAA and a complimentary registration to the SAA conference. Established in , the award enables international archivists who are training or studying in the United States or Canada to augment their experience by traveling to the SAA Annual Meeting. Since his arrival in Canada in September , Triponez has worked on research for the InterPARES Trust Project as well as research on the preservation of original recordings in popular music, an important topic in documenting cultural heritage for which there has been little to no formal research.

Hamer—Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award. Established in , the award recognizes individuals or institutions that have increased public awareness of archives documents. Compiled from family collections, community organizations, and established archives, SAADA provides digital access to a variety of primary source materials and includes K lesson plans and related resources that draw upon the archive. Established in , the award recognizes and acknowledges the author or editor of an outstanding published work related to archives preservation and, through this acknowledgment, encourages outstanding achievement by others.

Preserving Our Heritage ties together a variety of groundbreaking historical texts to lay both a theoretical and practical foundation for the field of preservation. With insightful and engaging prose, Cloonan offers students, researchers, librarians, archivists, and museum specialists an overview of longevity, reversibility, enduring value, and authenticity of preservation. Divided into eleven themes, each section combines historical works from international contributors and hard-to-find publications with well-rounded commentary to provide a global view of contemporary thinking and practices.

Created in , the award honors an archivist who has made a significant contribution to the field of religious archives. Gallo has provided exceptional leadership to the archivists affiliated with the Sisters of Charity Federation. In , Gallo convened a meeting of the thirteen federation archivists, sparking a commitment to collaboration. Gallo has also begun to create a Variorum edition of versions of the American translations of the Rule of St.

Vincent de Paul as adopted by the federation congregations. This project will enable interpretation and understanding of the common roots of the Federation congregations. Her kindness and lively sense of humor are also greatly appreciated by her colleagues. Established in , the award recognizes the contributions of individuals who work for the good of the profession and archival collections—work that does not typically receive public recognition.

She was selected for the Spotlight Award not only for these achievements but also for her commitment to community, activism, and advocacy for the archives. As a member of the XFR Collective, Lascu continues to support artists, non-profits, and individuals with limited resources in preservation efforts. The award recognizes superior writing achievements by students of archival studies and entries are judged on innovation, scholarship, pertinence, and clarity of writing.

She concludes with ten pragmatic guidelines for archival professions designing online archival finding aids with a high degree of usability. Helen R. Established in , the award is named for the first editor of The American Archivist. Established in , the Waldo Gifford Leland Award is given for writing of superior excellence and usefulness in the fields of archival history, theory, and practice.

In Religion in Secular Archives , Luehrmann offers a thoughtful approach to the study of religious practice in s—s Soviet Russia. Based on research in locations as diverse as the multi-religious Volga region, Moscow, and Texas, Luehrmann focuses on archival documents generated by militantly atheist institutions and urges us to consider how these sources were produced, exchanged, and read. Acknowledging that documentation practices sustain systems of power, Luehrmann closely examines archival research when available sources are produced by people different than or in conflict with those being described.

She combines official archival documents with oral history, published sources, and alternative counter-archives, creating a thorough narrative of modern Soviet religiosity. Established in , the Archival Innovator Award recognizes archivists, repositories, or organizations that show creativity in approaching professional challenges or the ability to think outside the professional norm or that have an extraordinary impact on a community through archives programs or outreach. Florida Memory Radio features music from the Florida Folklife Collection, which consists of audio, photographic, and documentary materials relating to the history and culture of Florida.

Florida Memory Radio provides a listening experience designed to expose patrons to archival recordings and then draw them into the Florida Memory website to learn more. Coker Award. The C. Coker Award recognizes finding aids, finding aid systems, innovative development in archival description, or descriptive tools that enable archivists to produce more effective finding aids.

SNAC addresses a longstanding research challenge: discovering, locating, and using distributed historical records. These records are held in archives and manuscript libraries around the world, and the standards to describe the records may differ from one archive to another. Thus, scholars using the records as primary evidence often undergo time-consuming and inefficient research.

With funding from the Andrew W.

Artist Block Introducton

Mellon Foundation, the U. National Endowment for the Humanities, and the U. Institute of Museum and Library Services, SNAC began to explore the feasibility of extracting data in record descriptions such as finding aids that describe the people who created or are documented in the records. The data was then assembled into a prototype research tool that integrates and simplifies access to the dispersed records and provides unprecedented access to the biographical-historical contexts of the people documented in the resources.

The team is now in the planning phase of transforming its research into an international cooperative hosted by the U. National Archives and Records Administration. Established in , the award recognizes an archives institution, education program, nonprofit organization, or government organization that has given outstanding service to its public and has made an exemplary contribution to the archives profession. ALI has developed a program and model that warrants special recognition for its contributions to the profession. Funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission since , ALI provides leadership training to archives professionals who want to make an impact on the profession.

By this fall, the annual program will have hosted more than two hundred individuals who have studied advocacy, media relations, change management, team development, project management, and other relevant leadership topics. These individuals use the professional network created by participating in ALI and implement what was learned through new ideas, improved service, and enhanced leadership skills.

Alumni frequently contribute to the curriculum, helping the program adapt and grow so that it can continue to serve its attendees and the archives profession with distinction. The award recognizes an individual, group, or institution for outstanding contributions in advancing diversity within the archives profession, SAA, or the archival record. SPOHP teaches students, independent scholars, and community organizations how to bring history to life through oral history interviews. SPOHP teaches the craft and intellectual traditions of oral history through university seminars and community-based workshops.

Since its founding in , SPOHP has conducted more than seven thousand interviews and transcribed more than , pages of material from the interviews. Shorefront is a recipient of the Diversity Award. From its beginning in , Shorefront, an Evanston, Illinois—based nonprofit, has diligently collected, preserved, and shared artifacts, documents, photographs, and family archives representing the lives of the black community on the Chicago suburban North Shore. Shorefront's founding was motivated by the recognition that the records of this vital history, spanning more than years, were at great risk and in need of a long-term community-based steward.

Shorefront is now home to more than linear feet of archival collections. In addition to maintaining the Shorefront Legacy Center, the public access point for its collection, Shorefront has embraced its mission of education, supporting extensive public programming and, through its Shorefront Press, publishing an annual journal and historical monographs. The goal of the scholarship is to stimulate greater participation in the activities of the organization, such as presenting research or actively participating in an SAA-sponsored committee, section, or roundtable.

The archivist will then use these questions to record conversations with the viewers and document many perspectives of the artwork, creating a living document of the ephemeral piece. Created in , the Emerging Leader Award celebrates and encourages early career archivists who have completed archival work of broad merit, demonstrated significant promise of leadership, performed commendable service to the archives profession, or have accomplished a combination of these requirements. At Boise State University, she has done admirable outreach work in the Boise community, establishing a partnership with the Boise City Department of Arts and History and opening the doors of the archives to an array of community organizations, such as the Frank Church Institute and the local chapter of the Wild West History Association.

The award offers financial support to a graduate student in his or her second year of archival studies at a US university. In addition to his strong academic record, Geraci impressed the Award Committee with his excellent writing skills and dedication to applying community-based archival frameworks to records and collections related to mental illness. Gerald Ham and his wife Elsie.

Chubb began her professional experience as a search room assistant at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, conducting reference interviews and assisting researchers using state and local government records. Chubb has demonstrated especially strong advocacy skills throughout her career and has succeeded in securing additional funding for the state archives in Ohio and Texas during challenging economic periods. Her leadership positions include serving as chair of multiple annual meeting program and local arrangement committees and as a member of the NAGARA board of directors.

Chubb is one of three new Fellows named in She then moved on to become the first archivist of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts in While there she developed an archival and records management program that has served as a model for museums nationwide. In Williams moved on to become supervisory assistant archivist at the Smithsonian Institution Archives and subsequently advanced to become the supervisory associate archivist and archives division director , leading archival activities at the largest such repository at the Smithsonian.

As executive director, Williams led the effort to create Founders Online founders. She successfully negotiated with the White House and Congress for additional funding to support this effort. Williams has worked tirelessly to reinvigorate and reimagine NHPRC's national grants program, including a new funding category to encourage citizen engagement in historical records projects at local, state, and regional archives. Other new NHPRC initiatives she has led go to support state archives electronic records management, online digital publishing of historical records, and professional leadership programs.

Williams is one of three new Fellows named in At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she discovered her professional calling as a reference archivist. She then honed her reference, access, and public service skills at the Minnesota Historical Society before returning to her alma mater, Michigan, where she was head of the Reference and Access Division at the Bentley Library. Marquis is one of three new Fellows named in Established in , the award honors the late Dr. Harold T. He expressed his sorrow and grief at the loss of Lee.

He said that he often disagreed with the veteran Singaporean leader but bore him no enmity for the differences of opinion on what was good for the newborn nation to thrive. Mahathir told the media that Singaporeans must value Lee Kuan Yew's contributions because he industrialised Singapore. He said: "That is one achievement that we need to recognise. In Bosnia-Herzegovina , Mahathir has been noted as a particular significant ally of that nation. He was influential in the establishment of an OIC summit in Karachi in to discuss the need of weapons for Bosnia during the Bosnian War.

Mahathir also opened the bridge of the Malaysian-Bosnian and Herzegovinian friendship in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. Among developing and Islamic countries , Mahathir is generally respected. On his retirement, Mahathir was named a Grand Commander of the Order of the Defender of the Realm , allowing him to adopt the title of "Tun".

With much stronger religious credentials than Mahathir, he was able to beat back PAS's surge in the election, and lead the Barisan Nasional in the election to its biggest win ever, taking of parliamentary seats. Mahathir was the CEO and Chairman, and hence a senior adviser, to many flagship Malaysian companies such as Proton , Perdana Leadership Foundation and Malaysia's government-owned oil and gas company Petronas.

Proton's chief executive, a Mahathir ally, had been sacked by the company's board. With Abdullah's blessing, Proton then sold one of its prise assets, the motorcycle company MV Agusta , which was bought on Mahathir's advice. Abdullah was replaced by his deputy, Najib Razak, in , a move that prompted Mahathir to rejoin the party. Mahathir continued to attract controversy in retirement for remarks on international affairs. He is a strident critic of Israel and has been accused of being antisemitic. Mahathir underwent a heart bypass operation in , following two heart attacks over the previous two years.

He had undergone the same operation after his heart attack in After the operation, he suffered a chest infection. He was hospitalised for treatment of another chest infection in Mahathir repeatedly called for Prime Minister Najib Razak to resign. He was proposed as a possible chairman and prime ministerial candidate of Pakatan Harapan. He remarked "go back to Sulawesi", which aroused discontent from the Bugis descendants in Malaysia and Indonesia who protested against him.

On 8 January , Mahathir was announced as the Pakatan Harapan opposition alliance's prime ministerial candidate for the election to be held on 9 May , seeking to oust his former ally Najib. Wan Azizah, wife of his former political enemy Anwar, ran as his deputy. Following the historic victory of the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan, Najib was successfully ousted from the incumbent prime ministerial seat. Mahathir hoped to be sworn in as the new prime minister by 5 pm.

Concerns for a smooth power transition emerged as Najib, although admitting the defeat of his party and coalition during a press conference on 11 am, declared that no party has achieved a simple majority win due to the fact that the opposing coalition were competing as allied individual parties, and was not successfully registered as a single unit by the Electoral Committee, who was believed to be under Najib's heavy influence during his power , thus leaving the appointment of the office to the hands of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Mahathir welcomed the North Korea—United States summit.

He said "the world should not treat North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with skepticism and instead learn from his new attitude towards bringing about peace". During a lecture to students in a university in Bangkok Thailand in October , the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad stated that Malaysia would not "copy" Western nations' approach towards LGBT rights, indicating that these countries were exhibiting a disregard for the institutions of the traditional family and marriage, as the value system in Malaysia is good.

Mahathir has stated that the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was unacceptable. Malaysia, he said, does not support the killing of government critics. We too have people that we do not like, but we don't kill them. In , as part of a solidarity move with the Palestinian National Authority , Malaysia announced that they would ban Israeli athletes from the event in a move that was supported by 29 Malaysian non-governmental organizations.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 4 October Malaysian politician. In this Malay name , the name Mohamad is a patronymic , not a family name , and the person should be referred to by the given name , Mahathir.

Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Dr. Human rights Law Social contract Rukun Negara. Cabinet Prime Minister Dr. Parliament Senate President : SA. Foreign relations. Other countries Atlas. There, he meets another medical student, Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali. Birth of Marina , eldest child of Mahathir and Siti Hasmah. During this time, he writes The Malay Dilemma. Hussein appoints Mahathir as deputy. Mahathir also begins to seek the privatisation of government enterprises, and has the car company Proton established.

He also establishes the International Islamic University of Malaysia to attract religious voters.

Anwar is arrested on 20 September and stands on trial for allegations of corruption and sodomy. He is succeeded by Abdullah Badawi. Becomes its chairman on 14 July. Main article: Malaysia—United States relations. Mahathir at National Day celebrations in August Main article: Killing of Jamal Khashoggi. He was actually born on 10 July; his biographer Barry Wain explains that 20 December was an "arbitrary" date chosen by Mahathir's father for official purposes. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi 's father and grandfather were prominent religious figures. New York Times.

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