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Research recently conducted by Dr.

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Several polls have shown that support for immigration increases with education and household income. So why did the leader of the National Citizens Alliance, Stephen Garvey, think Atlantic Canada was fertile soil for his anti-immigration political party? Maybe he was counting on the pro-immigrant population of Halifax to cause a ruckus that would raise his profile in his hometown of Calgary and elsewhere.

Garvey has been publicly trying to return to Nova Scotia ever since. Halifax City Hall granted the group a permit for June If he was looking for opposition, Atlantic Canada was the right place to take a stand. Kelly Toughill is a consulting researcher with PPF, specializing in immigration policy.

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Toughill is also the founder of Polestar Immigration Research, a media and consulting company that provides quality news, analysis and information about Canadian immigration to a range of stakeholders and institutions. The Atlantic region is consistently becoming more supportive of immigration than any other part of Canada, which is now paying dividends in population growth driven by newcomers. By Kelly Toughill The anti-immigration National Citizens Alliance finally held a rally in Halifax this summer after threatening to do so for more than a year. Four people showed up.

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And in Atlantic Canada? Attitudes towards Immigration in Atlantic Canada: Infogram. About the Author. Tags: Atlantic Canada Canada Immigration. Related Articles. Learning to Change: Worker Resilience and Adaptability Brave New Work Blog Monday September 23, What does it mean to be adaptable and resilient as a worker, in the face of radical changes to work?

With a focus on Alberta, emerging leaders from the Banff Forum and the City of Edmonton discussed policy lessons and policy solutions to prepare individuals and employers for workforce change. Overall there are more than 4, persons working in the finance and insurance sector in Greater Moncton, the fourth highest concentration of finance and insurance employment among all urban centres across Canada.

Greater Moncton has become a national customer contact centre for the insurance industry as well. Transportation There are more than firms active in the transportation, logistics and warehousing sector in Greater Moncton and they employ more than 5, people.

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Adjusted for population size, there are more people working in the transportation, logistics and warehousing sector in Greater Moncton than any other CMA across Canada. There are 27 firms in Greater Moncton with warehousing operations. CN operates an intermodal terminal in Greater Moncton that provides rail shipping connections across North America.

Elite, a Thomson Reuters subsidiary, develops professional services software in the community. EMC 2 , a global leader in cloud computing services, has an operation in Greater Moncton.

W5 investigates controversial immigration program to bring Chinese investors to P.E.I.

Manufacturing There are more than manufacturing firms located in Greater Moncton and they employ more than 5, people, making it the third largest manufacturing centre in Atlantic Canada. Food manufacturing is particularly strong with 29 establishments and 1, employees. Molson Coors operates a regional brewery in the community and Amcor and Pepsi provide bottling services for regional markets in Atlantic Canada.

Wood and paper related manufacturing employs more than workers in Greater Moncton, anchored by Irving Consumer Products and Norampac. Gaming and Animation Greater Moncton is home to a growing number of gaming and animation firms.

Learning to Change: Worker Resilience and Adaptability

The ecosystem is anchored by Casino New Brunswick, the second largest casino and gaming facility in Atlantic Canada with more than employees. The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has its head office in Greater Moncton and has a staff of more than people. The area is also home to SPIELO, a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high performance and innovative gaming machines. It has over employees and is part of the Lottomatica Group, one of the largest lottery operators in the world. Professional Services There are more than 3, people employed in the professional services sector in Greater Moncton.

New Brunswick as a province has one of the most export-intensive engineering sectors in Canada, and many come out of the Greater Moncton area. There are a number of architectural services firms working out of Greater Moncton and the area has one of the largest communities of professional translators among urban centres across Canada.

The Magnetic Hill family entertainment complex with a water park and zoo is a major attraction, and Treego provides adventures in Centennial Park. The Kouchibouguac National Park, Le Pays de la Sagouine and enhancements made to La dune de Bouctouche only begin to tap into the incredible development potential of this region.