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See What Analysts Believe the Future Holds for Customer Service

Where chatbots and help centers leave off is where live chat takes off. Live chat software gives your business the chance to speak directly with customers online. However, humans run the chat instead of AI. Efficient companies make chat easy to find. Take Netflix, for example. The support page offers a quick link to chat with an agent:. Ticketing systems can combine perfectly with live chat, too. Robust systems like Nextiva let you tap into your knowledge base and automate customer service actions.

Go beyond the algorithm and use social media to provide stellar customer service. Social media is about more than ads. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn let customers vent about or celebrate a brand on their networks. You work hard for customer engagement like views, comments, and follows, so get the most out of it.

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Social media is the ultimate in personalization. Businesses that use social use many customer service trends in one go. Even as our world gets more virtual, face-to-face customer service interactions are trending. One look at YouTube or Skillshare shows that video is a powerful tool for delivering content. For Millennials and others, video is a natural fit.

Here are some ways to use video in your customer service portfolio. Platforms like Zoom or Go To Webinar give help you manage attendees, personalize the platform, and run webinars. You can even record webinars for attendees to review later.

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Get up close and personal with face to face meetings throughout the customer journey. From virtual demos during the sales process to educational meetings during onboarding, online meetings help you stay in touch with your customers.

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  4. Email has long been a tool for stellar customer service. Take it to the next level with embedded video. Video emails have higher engagement too!

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    And you can deliver highly personalized and detailed communication right to an inbox. In-store employees should know what you purchased online. Leverage an omnichannel approach and make all the info available to all stakeholders. Recommendations should be on point. Since they drive impulse buys, they should be specific and personalized.

    If not, you miss an opportunity for profit and invite screenshots of your ad on social media: advertisingfail. Brands should interact on a personal level right away. If a customer calls for help, your rep should know their purchase history. Should a customer comes from a social media post, tailor their experience around that.

    Ticketing systems can empower your agents with knowledge. But go beyond that and enable them to take action. Talk about customer care! Other companies give agents the go-ahead to offer solutions to problems without escalating issues. If a customer is angry on live chat, a real-time refund discount boosts customer satisfaction. Or worse, has to email the customer later.

    A good result builds the customer relationship. Because your agents on the front lines of customer service, they may be the first to spot more widespread problems. Give your agents the channels they need to alert you or even solve the problems themselves. When customers interact with you on many channels, you must centralize customer issues. Enter help desks and ticketing systems.

    Ticketing systems empower support teams with information at the right time. They can assign, redistribute, and collaborate to solve problems fast. This makes all touchpoints more productive. For example, the rep can see past user behavior to see what they are having problems with. This also provides a better experience for the consumer. Everyone they talk to knows what they are talking about. Plus reps can interface with the knowledge base to find the answers.

    Ticketing systems also help businesses identify common pain points and issues. Quality systems offer high-level analytics so you can easily see and address trends. Self-service happens when your customers can do the thing on their own. Self-service customer support is the DIY of commerce. It can take many forms. But the main goal is that customers do what they need to do quickly and without help. And they thank you for it. Here are some self-service trends:. The original self-service is where you get it yourself. Once upon a time, we all had someone to pump our gas, check out our groceries, and bring food to our tables.

    Now customers dispense their own yogurt, scan their groceries, and do what they need to do without help. A knowledge base is a central repository for information about your product. Think how-to documents, videos, and FAQs to help customers answer their questions. Find out on the knowledge base. A long time ago, customization was done item by item, person by person. Used to be you had to fit into that one size or too bad.

    Now customers can customize interfaces, notifications, and more themselves. But the newest trend is using it smarter to meet customer needs. Luckily, data collection these days goes way beyond likes, ticket resolution rates, or even customer satisfaction surveys. To provide the best customer experience, you need to invest in the technology to get the metrics that matter. Then you need to properly use those analytics across all teams—not just at your help desk.

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    However, your help desk is a great place to look for key KPIs, especially if you have a robust ticketing system to lean on. The value of DLT goes to customer service goes way beyond cryptocurrency transactions. Some potential benefits include:. This technology is still so young. But we know that now is the time to help plot that course. The face of customer service continues to change and evolve. Successful businesses will test new ideas and create versions of their customer service strategy.

    This is good for customers and great for your bottom line. Fortunately this is easier than most people think.

    Designing the Future of Customer Experience

    In most cases, this means equipping employees with a few customer communication tips and strategies that get noticed. Now however, through social media and sites dedicated to customer reviews, disgruntled customers have a public platform to amplify their outrage.

    Trends, Ideas & Technologies in Customer Experience

    Add the human tendency to take the written word more seriously than a spoken comment. Mix in the sheer volume of people connected through social media, and you have a formula for a perfect storm where a single unhappy customer can inflict serious brand damage. Bottom line — these trends in technology show no signs of slowing. Customer service is no longer about processing a transaction. And it means ensuring that every customer is genuinely satisfied with their choice. When you think about it, those strategies have always been smart.

    Customer Experience Articles. The Future of Customer Service. Trend 1 — Self Serve Slavery What apparently started with self serve gas stations has now become the norm. Your Move — Shift from Order Taker to Trusted Advisor In most organizations, there is virtually no role remaining for employees who merely act as order takers. Trend 2 — Driven to Distraction It used to be that good customer service would generate positive word of mouth advertising.